*Note* This picture is not the actual character, just giving a generalization of what she looks like.

AJ Reyes is a Venice, California local in the Dare To Love series. She is savvy and bold.


AJ moved to Venice from Dallas, Texas when she was eight years old. Soon after she moved into her fabulous beach house, she became known as the local fashionista with a ton of confidence. From the first day of 3rd grade she's been best friends with the science and math whiz Trina Griffin and band geek by day, video-gamer by night, Nathan Stine. About a year later when she decided she'd start her life as a cheerleader again she became very close with ulitmate queen Gina Bruno, and football star Austin Vanderbilt who is more like her older brother than anything. Her life has gone from ordinary, to anything but.


She's confident and pretty. She does have a cold heart at times and also has a typical blonde brain. She has a tendency to ditch her real friends at times to hang out with her more popular friends. She's horrible at solving problems and most often turns to her friends to get her out of things. Despite not actually dating anyone (yet) she knows a ton about the male brain, maybe because some of her closest friends are guys, but she's always there when her friends need boy advice or want information on a certain hottie. Although Gina thinks of AJ as her sidekick, AJ shines in her own spotlight when she really puts her heart and soul into the things she does.


AJ is extremely pretty, and she embraces it. Most people see her as dazzing and beautiful. She has long light golden blonde waves that are highlighted with a light caramel brown, golden brown eyes that shine as bright as her personality, and flawless, tan (given to her my her Hispanic heritage) skin. She's about 5'5" and 100 pounds. Her hair is typically straightened, but on occasion she'll curl it or even put it up. For cheerleading she's usually wears it in a messy bun or a high ponytail. Her wardrobe is very vibrant and bold, and very fashionable, she will never be seen in an outfit that is out of style, but also isn't afraid to add a very unique touch to her style, whether it's an accessory or just a pop of color.


Her father, Julian Reyes, is a lawyer and is constantly working. Her mom, Annette Reyes, is a chief exceutive of her own cosmetics company and is always on the phone. She's got one younger sister that is 13, the two are very close because they are so close in age. They go to each other for anything since they can't go to their busy parents very often. Their family is very well off, but not completely wealthy although they are considered a higher class in the city.