*NOTE* This is not the actual character just a basic idea of what he looks like

Austin has always been the jock of Venice Beach. He's tough, but has a very sensative side once you learn about his real life.


Austin has lived on the Venice beach his entire life. He lives in a nice townhouse on the beach. He's like an older brother AJ despite being the same age. He's always been there for her, and he also dislikes the way Gina treats people. For being a jock he's extremely sweet and caring about everyone that's not 'his kind'. His life has always been a game of cat and mouse, of course he's always been the one chasing his sisters accomplishments, which has driven him to be the best he can possibly be at any sport he tries as his sister did with dancing and grades.


He's always struggled to impress his parents. His friendships come very natrually, and he doesn't really take much intrest in all the girls that drool over him, or at least he doesn't until he thinks she's the one. He usually just puts all his heart and soul into his sports training. He doesn't get angry very easily or upset unless it's over someone he truly cares about. He's always been extremely kind and sweet and won't do anything without approval, despite being a jock he's got a very sensative side that he will only show to people he think deserve to see it.


Despite all the girls losing their head over him, he doesn't care that he's natrually hot. Most girls only see him as the football hunk rather than his actual personality, and he'd rather not care about his appearance. His straight, flippy, wheat blonde hair hangs in his eyes and just touches the tips of his ears. His baby blue eyes sparkle so bright that they could almost be compared to a star in the sky. He's got pretty decent colored skin is brought about by biceps and abs. He's 6'0" and weighs in at about 180 pounds which is what landed him the wide-reciever position on the football team. He usually wears t-shirts and jeans, and in summer he'll wear athletic shorts with t-shirt, but the one thing that he's always wearing are his tennis shoes.


His dad, Byron, who is the coach of the high school Varsity Football team, pushes him to his best but also has very high expectations that are almost impossible to reach. His mother, Rebecca, is usually off in New York visiting his sister at Juliard and he doesn't get to see her much. His 18 year old sister, Claire, is one of the best dancers the California shores has ever seen, but when she left the town for her dreams to be made true in NYC he got stuck following in her footprints.