*NOTE* Just a representation of what the character looks like

Gina Bruno is the queen bee of the Venice Beach shoreline. She's got a big ego and an attitude to match.


Gina has been a party of the Venice community all of her life. She lives in a seaside appartment. She's very well known as the teen queen of Venice, which occasionally rubs people the wrong way. She used to be very close with Trina Griffin but started to hate her when AJ moved to town. She soon made AJ her sidekick, although it seems more as though Gina is AJ's sidekick to everyone else. She hasn't always been good with keeping people around so she started a game of dibs so that she could have any person she wanted and everyone else would have to back off. She currently has a thing for Austin Vanderbilt, but Austin doesn't return the feelings.


She works hard to get what she needs to done, but often she'll push people away while trying to accomplish things. She can also get a bit cocky, and can be very mean when it comes to people she thinks are a threat to her social ranking.


She's always been the girl to act as though she's Aphrodite. Although according to anyone she knows, she's pretty on the outside, but her insides are uglier than anything. Her naturally red, dyed dark brown hair just about reaches her shoulders, her eyes are a very pretty hazel color, and her full red lips make her fair skin stand out. She stands at 5'8" and weighs in at 115 pounds. Her hair is typically down to show off her naturally big curls, but occasionlly she'll braid it or put it up in a ponytail. Her wardrobe is all name brand (the girls of her generation call her a brand-whore), and she'll trash just about anyone that doesn't own the same brands as her.


Her dad, Antonio, is a dentis, and her mom, Angela, is a stay at home mom and is constantly babying her 9 year old brother, Marco. Gina can't exactly stand her family so she spends most of her time out on the town with her friends and avoid having to be with her family at all costs.