*Note* This is not the actual character, just a representation of what she looks like

Katrina (Trina) Griffin is the school whiz of Venice, California, and also the best friend of AJ Reyes.


Trina has lived in Venice all her life. She's lives in a townhouse just down the road from her BFF AJ. Everyone knows her as the local genius, although sometimes it gets on peoples nerves. She's been friends with Nathan since they were only 4 and she's been friends with AJ since the first day of 3rd grade. She used to be best friends with Gina Bruno, but she decided that she liked AJ better and broke off her friendship with Gina. She's been trying to live up to her brother's for ages, but exceeds anything they'd ever done, she's hoping to eventually get accepted to an Ivy League school, and has already started preparing for college.


She's sweet and caring. She's got an extremely soft heart for animals and wants to go to an Ivy League college for a career in veterinary medicine. She's always there for people, even ones she doesn't like. The one thing she's completely clueless of is boys and love. She's a little bit too empathetic at times. She doesn't normally find boys very appealing, but if she finds the perfect one, maybe she'll be able to put down the Shakespere and live it for real. She feels as though school should be the most important thing, friendships, family, and then maybe guys.


Although she doesn't feel it, she's very pretty. Some people only see her as the girl that's only beautiful on the inside, but she's got beauty on the outside as well. She's got long black hair that looks as though she has blue highlights, her navy blue eyes with green tints sparkle in the right light, and her olive (Greek like) skin brings out her perfect cheekbones. At 5'10" she's the tallest girl in the grade, and at 115 pounds her hourglass figure stands out. Her hair is usually up in a tight bun or ponytail, but occaionally she'll let her naturally wavy locks down. Her wardrobe is very vintage and unique, although she makes it work for her.


Her pateras (Greek for father) Adonis Grifin, is a doctor while her mum (Irish for mother), Kathleen Griffin, works for AJ's mom, which is how the girls originally met. Her 18 year old brothers Nick and Alex are twins, she loves messing with them, but also shows up almost everything they did when they were in school. Her family is middle-class, but is very well taken care of by the benefits of their jobs.