*NOTE* This is not the actual character, just a generalization of what he looks like

Nathan Stine is the local band geek gone video gamer. He's really sweet, but is very outcasted when it comes to being a part of the social scene.


Nathan has been a part of the Venice community since he was only 2 months old. He lives about a block away from the beach in a small bungalow where he spends most of his time video gaming away from the rest of his peers. He's been close with Trina since the first day of kindergarten, and has been hated by Gina his entire life. He's always had a hard time being 'normal' because his life isn't normal at all. His dad is a pilot who he never gets to see, and his mom is a talk show host whose never home, he's always been stuck in the spotlight and with school he just wants to stay out of hit as much as he possibly can.


He's really nice, but also is very nerdy. He loves to play video games and spends his shcool days in all advanced classes. He usually is with his friends from band but occasionally he'll meet up with AJ and Trina. He's had the biggest crush on AJ since she moved here, but he's never been good at expressing his feelings, whenever he's close to her he just stare and makes things awkward.


Although he's no Zac Efron, he's cute in his own way. Most only see him as that guy who spends his day in the basement, but his friends know a different side of him. He's dark brown curly hair that touches the top of his ears, his dark eyes match the color of his hair, his skin is pale and covered with freckles. He's got dark colored glasses that fade to sunglasses when he goes into the sun. He's about 5'11 and weighs about 120 pounds. He doesn't do anything real special to his hair, usually he just blow dries his hair and leaves. His wardrobe consists of graphic t-shirts and jeans.


His dad, Alex, is a pilot and doesn't get to see him too often due to his job. His mom, Hanna, is a talk show host for her own show Venice Today and is constantly trying to get her son to join her in the studio. He doesn't exactly enjoy being pushed into the spotlight which is why he tries to stay in his basement as much as possible.